What is the difference between outdoor and indoor roller blinds?

People considering blinds may be overwhelmed when they commence their research into the various types of blinds. For example, there are roman, Venetian, roller, shutter, vertical, and so on. And under each of these categories, there are also differences between indoor and outdoor blinds. For any inexperienced consumer, it is important that sufficient research is completed in order to make a well-informed decision. 

Where to begin? 

It may seem obvious, but one should start at the beginning. This is where the decision is made as to what “look” and “feel” is trying to be achieved. This will aid in establishing what type of blinds ultimately ends up being chosen. Following this, the decision needs to be made as to whether you are going to select indoor only, or spruce up an outdoor area as well. What is the difference you ask?

Indoor roller blinds

Indoor roller blinds can be highly customised to suit the intended decor and style of an environment. This could be modern, traditional, colonial, etc. Once that is decided, you can then customise roller blinds further to suit colour, style, texture, finish, and so on. The possibilities are almost endless. 

They are normally made from fabric – thick cotton or poly-cotton blends so that they are sturdy, easy to clean and easy to customise. They require a bit of cleaning often to ensure they maintain their new look. At the end of the process of customisation and installation, your indoor area will be highly unique and feel like such a harmonious space as it gels with your inner frequency. 

Outdoor roller blinds

Outdoor roller blinds, however, are quite different. Outdoor roller blinds are made to withstand the elements and, as such, are made predominantly from plastic. They can also be made from a mesh material (similar to shade cloth) so that they allow airflow. They can also be combined so that you are able to use both layers depending on the weather. 

Plastic roller blinds are meant to be able to convert an outdoor area and protect from wind, rain and sun so that an outdoor area can be enjoyed all year round. This is particularly useful in Melbourne given the cold winter winds and driving rain. 

Let's not forget the hot summers with flies. This is where the mesh roller blinds are handy as they still allow air to flow through the outdoor area but not the pesky “wildlife”. This enables you to happily entertain guests without having to spend your time swatting flies. 


Roller blinds are a versatile option when considering finishes to any area as they are highly customisable to suit the style of the interior as well as the personal tastes of the individual. Additionally, outdoor roller blinds can be used to convert an outdoor area to usable regardless of the type of weather, making them highly suitable to the winters and summers of Melbourne.