Tips to Help Get Over the Fear of Flying

There are a few tips to help you get over the fear of flying and to help you to arrive at the airport was quiet, relaxed and more excited than scared of your flight. Flight phobia does not begin when you board the aircraft; it begins, even occasionally, before booking a holiday.

Flight phobia is more common than you think and while there are tips to help you get over the fear of flying, the core issue is the anxiety itself, not the airline. If you want to know how to get over fear of flying then you can explore the internet for help.

Here is a list of tips to help you get over your fear of flying and to help you enjoy your trip and eliminate your flight phobia.

1. The next time you're on a bumpy road, imagine the turbulence during the flight. Turbulence is nothing more than 'air bumps' and not to worry.

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2. The power of positive thinking is very strong. Use distraction to take your mind off of your fear of flying experience and try to think of the fun you will have on achieving your goals rather than negative thoughts about your flight.

3. Use relaxation techniques, visualization or self-hypnosis to relax your tense muscles. A useful technique is to tense and relax each muscle in your body from the neck and face and work down to the toes, one by one, until all tension has been lost.

4. People who suffer from high anxiety and phobia of flying have a very strong imagination, often called 'emotional intelligence'. In order to 'occupy' a creative mind and prevent you from creating a phobia of flying, find other things to occupy your intelligence. Puzzle working effectively.