The Importance of a Video Marketing Strategy

Why do you want to start using video marketing?

Is it because other people do, think again. Just because people are using video does not mean it will be right for you too. Think about your business and your customers – Is it a video that is right for you? Is that something your customers will enjoy? If the answer to both questions is yes, it's time to get cracking.

The process starts with hiring a reliable video marketing firm. There is a myriad range of companies available online. You can search through their websites such as and get information on the quality and reputation of their services. It makes the process less time-consuming and provides you with the right selection. 

Set your goals

What do you want to accomplish with your video?

Are you looking for:

  • 50,000 YouTube views?
  • £ 20,000 new businesses?
  • 15,000 new Facebook fans?
  • 30% increase in traffic on your website?

Whatever it is, make sure it is scalable so that you can assess the impact of your video on your business goals. Then you have to think about what type of video you want. Try to be innovative; by all means let's see what your competitors are up to, but you want to make sure your idea is unique to you and that it will fit with your brand image.