Why Call It A Lightweight Travel Trailer?

There was a time when we describe a lightweight travel trailer as it means light. Today the information is no longer the case. The term "light" has become more of a marketing tool more than the words used correctly. Get to know more about travel trailer maintenance via visiting tjsrv.com.

There are many campers who are much heavier than they should be classified as mild. However, the marketing of which the term has been beneficial to many manufactures in own dealers and end-users feel like they are buying a lightweight unit which is not.

A lightweight camper, in my opinion, should be drawn by a small pickup truck, mini-van, or car. Lightweight travel trailers are marked as such, often so heavy that they can only be withdrawn by full-size trucks and in some cases, the full-size truck is considered more severe.

The reason it is called the classification lightweight camper open to opinions. When you pack the unit with supplies, clothing, and other supplies that will add about another 800 pounds. It is now close to 5,000 pounds, which is the maximum for small vehicles and other vehicles exceeding some ability. One should check their vehicle rankings that they plan to withdraw the unit with.

A popular option was a hybrid. This RV type will typically have a bed, sleep, or both that can be pulled out after arriving at your destination. This gives you plenty of space and additional possibilities without additional load and length.

Most hybrids will have pullouts that have a strong foundation in roller which allows them to be pulled out easily, but it has a sidewall and roof canvas. While there is nothing wrong with it, it cannot be accepted by some camping. There is another hybrid model that has supported the pullouts with a solid roof and sidewalls, but they will always be heavier.