All You Need To Know About Mouth guards

A mouth guard is a removable soft plastic device that covers the teeth and gums to prevent injuries. Also, mouth guards are also called as mouth protectors.

Today many children and adults are participating in the sports activities so trauma to the oral health may occur. A properly fitted mouth guard will protect you from various dental injuries.

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There are three types of mouth guards.

Type 1: Stock

Type 2: Mouth-formed

Type 3: Custom-Fabricated

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Stock mouth guards are cheap and provide little protection. These mouth guards can be purchased easily at the sporting goods store.

Also, by wearing this mouth guard it results in difficulty of breathing and speaking due to the weight of the guard.

Mouth-formed guards are boiled in water and then attempts are made to fit them on the mouth. It provides the uneven distribution which results in the instability.

Also, it provides little protection. These guards are also store bought.

Custom mouth guards are considered the best mouth guards. Custom mouth guards can be made by using a vacuum or a pressure machine. Also, it is more protective because of close adaption.

There is the ease of speaking and breathing in custom mouth guards as compared to the others.