Work Visa For Independent Workers In Australia

This type of work visa applies to professionals or other skilled workers who do not have sponsors from employers known as the Skilled Independent Migrant Visa Subclass 175.

This visa is also suitable for skilled workers who are sponsored by their relatives or by a country or the government or the so-called Skilled Sponsor Migrant Subclass 176. If you want to apply for a work visa in Australia then you can navigate to:

Employer-Sponsored Australian Visa – Skilled Migration Specialists

If granted with this visa, visa holders can live and work in the country permanently. In addition, visa holders can freely travel inside and abroad for a period of five years from the issuance of the visa. Those who have dependents are allowed to bring their dependents to live, work or study in this country.

Skilled Independent Migrants (Subclass 175)

No sponsors are needed for this visa, but the following conditions must be met:

1. Under 50 years

2. English language proficiency requirements

3. Nominated to List of Skilled Jobs (SOL)

4. Pass the skills assessment for the nominated position

5. Work experience for at least 12 months in the last 24 months before applying

6. Health requirements

7. Character requirements

Skilled Sponsor Migrants (Subclass 176)

The requirements for applying for this visa are the same as the requirements for skilled independent migrants. In addition, sponsorship by relatives living in Australia or by participating states or governments must also be demonstrated through sponsorship efforts.

The sponsoring business must specify that the sponsor is able to provide financial assistance and accommodation that workers may need for the first two years of living in Australia.

Make sure you have special sponsorship arrangements with your relatives in Australia or with participating countries or governments. This is an important prerequisite for applying for a visa under this program.