Hire Licensed Home Inspector

First, you have to realize that some Realtors have a practical list right in their back pocket of the best inspectors. This list, known in the business as a "short" list, or "preferred seller" list, is the holy grail for a home inspection company.

To get on this list, some home inspection companies (names withheld to protect the guilty) will do everything from spending large amounts of money.

If we as inspectors are not careful in how we present the results of our home inspections, buyers can get cold feet and walk. You can hire professional home inspector license in Texas via www.davidinspector.com/.

Let's analyze it a little further. Turning their backs on a bad deal might be good for the buyer, good for the agent, and good for the home inspector. Consider this thought, which is very simple so that the dollar bill does not obscure your judgment. Buyers can choose from cream plants by going into homes that they can be proud of with minimal defects.

Agents still get their commission; it only takes a little longer. And that leaves us, lowly home inspectors. We are protected from responsibility because happy homeowners are irreligious homeowners. Win, win, and win.

You must know something about the local home inspector. He is not licensed. Well, he might be a licensed electrician, licensed general contractor or one of a dozen different trade builder classifications, but he is not a licensed house supervisor.

Many other states require home inspectors to have licenses, but not here. A more accurate statement for a San Diego home inspector is that there is not even a home inspector license that can be obtained. Getting into this field is too easy, and that is why it is difficult to separate the wheat from husks.