A Golden Pass for Business Extension – Investor Visa USA

EB-5 or Investor Visa allows eligible individuals to obtain permanent residence in accessing commercial and economic companies in America. An individual or immigrant becomes eligible when he invests a certain amount of capital in the business to meet standards.

Every year, USCIS issues or utilizes 10,000 Visas under the business category, one-third of which is provided to applicants who come under the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program involving the "Regional Center" (designated by USCIS). If you want to obtain investor visa USA, then you can check out various online sources.

What is a "Regional Center?"

These are entities, agencies or organizations, which receive receipts from USCIS. This organization focuses on certain geographical areas in the US.

This helps in increasing economic development through increasing regional productivity, creating new jobs, increasing export sales, and increasing domestic capital investment.

What criteria are eligible for investors?

Following is the eligibility criteria for applicants:

 He must be able to establish a commercial company either by creating a number of businesses or buying a pre-existing business and simultaneously reorganizing or restructuring the business to form a new company; or

Develop an established business with 40% of net worth or the amount of pre-investment work, or maintain all existing jobs from a problematic business.

He has invested in new or active business in the process. The investment must be at least $ 1,000,000 or $ 500,000, at least in the field of employment.

His involvement in a commercial company must benefit the country's economy and produce full-time employment opportunities for at least 10 people who qualify.