CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

CCTV drain cameras are used to find out the presence of blockage in the sewage system. This is a special closed-circuit television pipe camera that can be sent through sewers or stormwater to detect the blockage. This is an effective and efficient way to detect blockages in the drainage pipe.

To carry out CCTV inspection, blockages in the pipe are first cleaned. After this, CCTV pipe cameras are sent through the path through which people can look into rainwater or sewers to find out the exact location of the blockage.

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It is recommended to use it in the event of a recurring block in the pipe. The camera will show a damaged area on the pipe that produces blocks.

The method for detecting blockages in this pipe is the best when the cause of a blockage in a drainage or storm drain is not revealed only by opening the blocked area.

CCTV drain cameras can be used to determine crack pipes which are the result of the movement of heavy vehicles above the area where the pipes have been placed.

Such problems can cause wastewater to leak into the local area which causes more damage to the pipes and also damage to the property.

This can also be used to find out which waterways are collapsing which can cause clogging of waterways and cause health hazards.