Information about Augmentation Reality

In very simple terminology, the augmentation reality (AR) is all about superimposing the virtual reality over the real world in a real-time fashion. You can also visit to find out about Augmented reality applications.

If you are familiar with the news of the gaming world and recent technological advancements, then you have definitely heard or read something about augmented reality (AR). This is the term that has driven the attention of tech pros and ordinary customers by its specific features and unique experience it can provide.

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Having said that, what essentially is meant to be clarified is whatever development, progress or augmentation made to the imagery taken by AR-enabled Smartphone's camera is technically different from the original imagery taken from the real world.

The phrase "difference" essentially denotes to the information added semantically to the virtual imagery that someone is familiar with the physical world. Since the addition of extra information to augment understanding about a particular thing in the real world is not possible, the AR technology is adopted in an answer to it.

If we turn up the pages of a dictionary to look for "Augment", we come to know that the dictionary defines it "to enlarge in the size or quality of something already developed or under development".

As a matter of fact, anything taken from the real world or physical surroundings are actually augmented in their quality using computer-generated information.