Russian Woman and K-1 Visa

There are lots of types of Russian visas, so they are based on the goal of your trip. If you're going to Russia for sightseeing, then you'll require a Tourist visa, even if your objective is business meetings, then you'll need to submit an application for a Business visa, etc..

The internal feeling tells you that you want to get married ASAP, however, your thoughts tell that you will need to get to know this person just a tiny bit more. So what's the solution? To know more about various kinds of Russian visa to different countries you can navigate

K-1 visa for USA citizens is created just for this purpose. It permits your foreign bride to keep in you state for up to 3 weeks and within this period you must make a determination about you match and also to get married or to different and to return home to get her.

Be aware that Russian bride can't marry anybody else except the person who was making all of the documents for your own visa. It excludes a chance of imitation union from her side.

Russian bride Oksana met Bill via Internet, they corresponded for 3 weeks, he arrived to see 2 times. Oksana's parents were somewhat cautious about abrupt changes in her own life and about her view to depart with Bill up to now. The simple fact that K-1 visa provides complete protection against both sides of USA authorities, calmed her down near relatives.

It required a global few seven month to return to Bill's place. They got married and it's currently 3 years since they live together. They delivered primary gratitude for their union service that helped them to get each other.