Maneuvering Marijuana in Michigan: Secure Transporters

Secure transporters move marijuana products and cash obtained from medical cannabis and/or recreational marijuana transactions across the state. Think about it as a business owner: you are operating a new business, and your product was very recently illegal.

The black market will continue to operate for some time until the State of Michigan has a system in place to protect these assets. You can browse online to know about the best marijuana transportation services in Michigan.


Thus, there is a mandated third party transportation law for all medical marijuana and recreational marijuana moving from Farmers, Processors, and Business Permits Micro, storage and retail pharmacies.

The State of Michigan will begin accepting applications for secure transport license select start December 6th, 2019. To qualify as a safe transporter, the applicant must meet several qualifications that are taken from Mich Comp. Law Serv. SS 333.27505 (LexisNexis 2018) and Mich. Comp. Law Serv. SS 27959 (LexisNexis 2018):

  • No ownership/interest in other marijuana business
  • It may not be a registered patient or caregiver cannabis drug
  • residents of Michigan
  • It may not hold the title of marijuana

Safe Transporter Requirements:

  • Drivers must have a driver license issued by Michigan
  • Employees handling of marijuana or cash from the transaction may not have felony convictions in the last five years, has been released from detention in the last five years, or a hold felony convictions involving substance abuse in the past five years.
  • Each of the transport vehicles must be operated by a crew of at least two people. This vehicle has never abandoned while cannabis products in custody.

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