Know More About Military Divorce Lawyers

Military divorce lawyers have different procedures than civilian divorce lawyers. This is due to the fact that they get specific training to represent military employees. Military divorces need to obey all military rules and follow assured residential requirements.

A military divorce can occur when one of the parties is a military service member; either retired or on duty. If you  belong to military and you are going through a divorce then you can hire military divorce lawyers. Military divorce is very much similar to civilian divorce except some rules.

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Some states rules specify that a divorce needs to be filed in the state where the military person is posted. But, in some states it is rule that the petition must be filed in the state where the spouse is living or in the state where the military member has legal residency.

Military personnel going through a divorce can have certain protections granted. The divorce actions can be postponed if the military person is on active duty and for sixty days following active duty.

Military divorce lawyers must be specialized lawyers. They should have good knowledge in the federal divorce laws also. Federal laws affect all types of military personnel whether they are retired or on duty. In some cases, half of a military member's pension can be awarded to an ex-spouse.