Is Good Mental Health Equal To Good Mood?

The impression that good mental health is equal to permanent good mood prevails in the world. We are constantly trying to be happy. We want to have a lot of fun and we do not want to be sad for any reason. We want to avoid pain.

Good mental health within our history is basically defined as a state of permanent good mood as if this is a reasonable expectation. Modern civilization is marked by indifference, frivolity, and superficiality, in parallel with poverty and terror. We live in a crazy world where no one knows the true meaning of sound mental health.

We believe that good mental health is a state of happiness by having unlimited material comfort and social power, even when we were false. You can easily get the best wellness retreats in California.

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We believe that falsehood is indispensable in any social relationship, without considering the shortage. We concentrate all our attention on how we feel, in our material reality, and in our life on earth.

We believe that a person is mentally healthy when they are happy with their material life and they are not bothered by sadness and concern. We associate happiness for financial success, gender, and prestige.

Making money seems to be the main objective of every human being on earth. The aim is to define the meaning of life for modern civilization hypocritical. Our civilization distorted the meaning of spirituality, turning it into a materialistic and selfish philosophy of life that does not have signs of religion in it.

The greed that characterizes our population distorted the meaning of everything in the name of the satisfaction of making a lot of money and had everything that the material world can give to humans.