Introduction of CCTV Camera System

Commonly known as CCTV cameras, closed-circuit television cameras have the ability to send video signals to certain locations. It can display data recorded on one or more monitors. 

CCTV cameras work differently from broadcast television. This is because they do not send signals openly.

Instead, the signals are transmitted using a point to point wireless link in a CCTV camera. These cameras are most often used for surveillance purposes in places that need to be monitored.

The most common places where you can find cameras like that are banks, prisons, government buildings, military installations, airports, and even ordinary convenience stores. 

Many homeowners also include the use of CCTV cameras in their homes for security purposes. 

In recent years the use of Panasonic CCTV cameras has increased in the public area. These are purchased for commercial, private and personal use. 

Today you will be able to find a high-performance camera that utilizes a Digital Video Recorder. Using this technology, the camera can actually record recordings for years. 

Many choices available in the market vary in terms of features and image quality they can offer. Some advanced features including motion detection and some CCTV cameras will even be able to send you email alerts.

Most commonly, CCTV cameras are used for crime prevention purposes. You will find banks and government facilities to combine the use of this camera to improve security.

This allows them to monitor the operational processes of the control room where the recorded data is displayed on the monitor.

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