Installing Skylights Can Lead to Better Natural Lighting and Energy Efficiency

Skylight is often overlooked lighting options available that more homeowners should take advantage of when planning a new construction home.

Adding a skylight system is a great way to visually open up part of your new home by allowing natural sunlight to shine through the windows above and beyond what the standard offer – and can help lower your utility costs.

With several styles and options to choose from, selecting the right skylight for your needs can be daunting, but we have explained the main model and the choice here to help in your decision making.

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General Skylight options

Your first step is to determine exactly where you want to have a skylight installed as this will allow you to better choose the right type that you need for each specific location. Here are the most common areas for adding skylights into your development plans.

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Kitchen: Skylight is a very good choice for a sunny kitchen. add natural light to allow you to install additional shelving or cabinets vs sacrificing space for an exterior window wall. Skylight ventilation can also be installed to help the odor release during cooking.

Bathroom: The bathroom is often in the dark rooms in your house as much as a half bath, may not have access to the exterior window. Skylight is a good way to introduce natural light without sacrificing privacy.

A skylight system that offers a wide selection of ventilation can also help keep the bathroom well ventilated and free of mold. For a small bathroom that may not have access to the ceiling of a large room, smaller solar tube skylight is optional.