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I first heard about the gear casing at the time of the birth of Baby Center at my club. Moms raved that their babies love their gloves. Camden loved to chomp on his hands so I wanted to look into the glove a little more of this gear. I found the gear casing EasyBreazyBaby on Etsy and ordered a pair. Once they arrive, I used this glove teeth slightly before Camden able to hold a toy in his hand.

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Babies often put their hands in their mouths when they start teething. Once teeth start to come through this can make their hands become dry, cracked or even cause a rash. They are even more perfect for when a young baby and could not quite hold a teething toy.

Mitten Dental Design

The outer layer is made of wicking nylon mitten 3ply safe food, which is what helps absorb all saliva! It also has a waterproof layer that prevents saliva from reaching the hands in a soft flannel cloth to keep the hands warm. Mittens can be easily made with Velcro cuffs. Mittens come in all different colors and prints. I loved the design of the aircraft with ancient blue! You can find Baby Teething Toys – Teething Remedies & Accessories in Australia

Glad Hands Mitten Teething

Overall, we were very pleased with our purchase of equipment gloves. For about $ 10 a pair, it's worth giving a try. I predict we will use it more as the teeth begin to enter.