Features of Different Travel Mugs

Travel mug design has solid walls on both sides of the tube to protect the drink is too cold or warm up quickly. Observe carefully the surface of the mug is placed with an additional rim and not levelled properly. 

You can refer to https://www.iyokus.com/view/subcategory/Coffee_Cup to buy ceramic travel mug with lid. Make sure when buying this mug is concave in shape for more drinks to be detained. 

ceramic travel mug with lid

Some travel mugs made of wood or metal, some are placed with metal handles. There are different types of mugs available in the market today such as stainless steel, insulated, ceramic and plastic mugs. 

Let me explain each and individual features of promotional travel mugs:

  • Ceramic mug

In order to attract corporate customers is being used as promotional gifts are very good with a unique design. Coming to the function of this product is not designed to keep any drinks but are used as a pen holder. By printing the logo on the mug, you can build a perfect awareness among the target audience.

  • Stainless Steel Mug

It is mainly used to keep drinks such as hot or cold liquid for a long time. Observe the type of products allowed with lid mug for tourists who drive cars. Most people are happy to choose this mug stainless steel as their personal accessories on their travels. Make sure these items can be easily cleaned and equipped with affordable.

  • Plastic Travel Mug

In general, it is lightweight and equipped with more durability. These personalized according to the needs of various shapes, sizes and colours. Well, this is allowed to clean very easily compared with other materials such as the above. 

Most people love to choose promotional gifts because this is very expensive and more durable.

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