Essential Things To Know Before Chartering A Yacht In Croatia

The idea of a Croatian cruise charter is very interesting because it is different from other kinds of fun activities. Not only does it make a sailing holiday fun, but it also provides adventures and challenges knowledge without being too expensive or dangerous risks.

However, before ready to sail, there are a number of things you need to know about charter cruises in Croatia. If you want to explore more about activity holidays sailing in Croatia then you can browse

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 License For the charter of Croatian cruises:- it is important to take the license with the regulations. You really need a captain's license, and also VHF. This is mandatory if you want to sail your own boat.

However, if you do not have both, then you can hire a captain at an additional price. You can negotiate this price with the organizer, they also give you food and blanket during the entire trip. The rest will be included in the fee.

You will also need a separate license if you want to fish. Because this is considered a recreational sport, it is not included in the category of commercial fishing. To rent Croatian cruises, the cost of one week is around 6,200 Euros, and almost double if you want it for two weeks.