Four Seas Super Buffet

Four Seas Buffet - Wadena, MN
Contact Information

Contact Information

Address: 618 Jefferson St N, Wadena, MN 56482
Phone: 218-632-8888

Total votes: 72
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Reader Comments

Reader Comments

Mike Hammond says:
I have never been so rudely treated. We wanted the corner booth and the waitress said it was too skinny. I was like WTF? She just called me fat!!!!! (Mon, 2014-06-02 10:18)

J & J says:
It's one of our favorite places- never saw any hair or pinfeathers. Love the butter shrimp and egg drop soup, mushroom chicken is great also(lotsa mushrooms!) We take visiting relatives there. Service is very prompt. (Tue, 2014-04-01 08:36)

local mom says:
Everything was tasty and at the correct temperatures. General Tsao's chicken was especially good. Loved the spring rolls too! (Sat, 2012-09-15 12:14)

Sara Nicole says:
The food has been excellent and tasty, kept at the right temperature. Pin feathers/hair sticking out of chicken wings? You find it everywhere. (Wed, 2012-09-12 11:00)

KN says:
If I hadn't been so hungry, I would have turned around and walked out. The fried chicken wings had hair sticking out; not sure if they hadn't been plucked properly, or if it was human hair. Another chicken dish was lukewarm. The only edible dish was the sweet & sour chicken. Given, this was an hour before closing, but they should keep the food at appropriate temperatures whenever they're open. And please... what was with the hair? (Thu, 2012-03-29 12:49)

T Benjamin says:
Very good food. Decent prices. What more is there? (Fri, 2011-12-23 18:37)

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