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Old Country Buffet - St Cloud, MN
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Contact Information

Address: 3333 Division St W, St Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-259-5422

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Reader Comments

Reader Comments

anonymous says:
A week ago a friend and I went to the OCB. The services were terrible. OCB ran out of clean dishes. We had to use salad plates for the main course. After getting through the crust on the pot pie, there was only a tablespoon of pie on the inside. Different items on the buffet were not being filled up in a timely manner. Some of the food was not hot. We complained to someone, who we thought was a manager. (I found out today that she was not a manager. She was an employee serving others in the dining area.) She said she would be happy to buy us lunch anytime before Thanksgiving to make up for the poor service. My friend called to see if she was working today. The phone receptionist said, "Yes." My friend had arrived early and called me to say the one who was going to pay for our lunch was not there, and we would have to pay for our own lunch today. I said, "We can do that." When I got there, I decided to talk with the manager to explain about the poor service of last week. ... The manager was rude and inappropriate, projecting his anger onto me. I was expecting him to listen to me. I wanted him to know that we were offered a free meal. I was hoping that either he would offer that, or simply say to me, "Call back tomorrow when the other person is working to plan another time for a complimentary meal." I will try to contact this manager's supervisor. The manager's behavior was unacceptable. (Sat, 2014-11-22 00:11)

maria hanson says:
well seen the ad on tv decided to try again had a very bad time at the one in Duluth ,mn so we tried the one in st.cloud 60 miles and wanted the seafood buffet on FRIDAY very expensive and hardly any see food ) : we were on happy went and asked they hardly have any seafood left because old country buffet is NOT offering the seafood buffet any more ...now why did not some tell us that ???? we paid 32.99 for 2 people to eat and there was NO SEAFOOD MAYBE 3 ITEMS shrimp ,carmri, some hot dish .....very little as advertised ???? what a waste of money and my time and travel again. (Sat, 2014-08-09 18:42)

Barbara Terning says:
Very very disapointed I saw your CEO on tv and we thought we would give you another chance. Well I was wrong we will not go back again. Over priced and the food wasn,t even HOT. I can go across the street to Bonanza for less money and BETTER FOOD. Your CEO started the food was guarantee well I want my over priced money back and I WILL tell everyone not to eat at your place. ( Barbara Terning St Cloud Minnesota ) (Thu, 2014-05-01 18:02)

Tom says:
Con: There's a nice taco bar setup - but poorly arranged to where you have to run from one side to the other to gather all the things to build a taco and no place to set the plate when you are trying to build it - and THEN - GET THIS: NO FREAKIN' TACO SAUCE AS IT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED a few weeks ago to save on costs! AND YET the condiments table nearby had SEVEN DIFFERENT TYPES OF HOT SAUCE/CHILI SAUCE/HOT PEPPERS all virtually untouched - probably for years. Something very wrong with this picture, Buffet Managers... I was VERY tempted to run across the street to Taco John's and grab a few packets of taco sauce for myself. My God, how much can a bottle of Taco sauce cost compared to other money wasters they have sitting there, like 2 gallons of butter pats, or SEVEN, count em, 7 TYPES of hot sauces plus Heinz 57 sauce. (no steak sauce, either, but then, no steaks here.) The "new Mongolian stir fry" that was introduced a few months ago went untouched by either patrons or attendants the entire time we were present (lunchtime Friday 5-10-13). It's a waste of food and money in my opinion (and I didn't see any Mongolians there) with dried up meats and unidentified vegetation just sitting in pots. Signs over the food didn't match the food beneath, so you guessed at most of the stuff. I know stuffed squash shouldn't look exactly like chicken dumplings with gravy. I know carrot cake doesn't look like chocolate cake.
No taco sauce = no tips. (Sat, 2013-05-11 17:37)

Tom says:
Pro: The food was good and fresh & roomy comfortable chairs, table, and atmosphere. The baked fish was very good and hot and tasty and the pecan pie was excellent. Coffee was kept hot & strong but tasted like it was made the day before. The only other cold non-carbonated, non-acid drink available is water and Raspberry Iced Tea. Drinks are $2 extra unless you have water, or try to eat without a drink at all. Seniors get drinks for free. The employees were always busy, but indifferent to any pleas or suggestions about the food. The picking up dirty plates was on the ball and I should have tipped HIM only if I was to tip at all. (Sat, 2013-05-11 17:37)

Anonymous says:
I like the new Mongolian BBQ but I have one suggestion that may appeal to more people than one would think. How about adding Tofu as a non-meat choice as a alternative to the the chicken beef and shrimp offerings. (Sun, 2013-02-03 10:32)

Howard Arola says:
I took my wife Pamela out to Old Country Buffet in Mpls on Sat. afternoon. It was a real experience just to get there, after many wrong turns, did a few U turns, some back tracking, but we finally made it there in one piece. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and the headed home. I personally still like St. Cloud, "Old Country Buffet" much better. I think it is going to be a hard restaurant to beat for friendship food and service. (Sun, 2012-02-12 19:32)

Howard Arola says:
This is a warm friendly restaurant. The choice of food is good. It is a place where friends and family can meet to enjoy good food and fellowship. Make us one of your choices foe dining out.We aim to please and satisfy your appetite. (Thu, 2011-08-11 17:24)

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