Bo Diddley's Deli


Bo Diddley's - St Cloud
Contact Information

Contact Information

Address: 216 6th Ave S, St Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-255-9811

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Reader Comments

Reader Comments

David says:
I ordered some take out one day. While ordering it the women was very rude and pushy. I asked when it will be done and she said when it gets done. Well I got there about 20-30 minutes later, she took my money and than started cooking the wings. She started cooking them after I got there... After about a 15min wait I finally left. After arriving home the wings were tiny. I ordered 4 orders and it was not enough for 2 people. On top of that they tasted terrible, I eat a lot of wings and these were the worst I've had. Half of them were inedible because it was solid fat. I called just to let them know and she got upset and told me to never come there again and hung up. I would never recommend anyone waste there money at this place. The worst food experience I ever had. (Thu, 2013-03-28 17:47)

Anonymous says:
I love Bodiddley's and will always go back to them. Great food, fresh food, polite and smiling counterpeople. Awesome! (Mon, 2012-07-30 12:05)

Kate says:
If you have not heard the Sidewalk Cafe you need to check them out. (Sun, 2011-11-20 19:14)

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