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Minnesota Restaurant Search is not just another online directory that just copies the phone book listings. We visit each city and neighborhood to confirm each restaurant's location and that each restaurant is currently in business. We will often find a new restaurant that is not yet listed in other directories, and we will remove any that we find have closed down.

We currently have over 1000 bars and restaurants in our database from over 80 central Minnesota communities. Take a look at a map of our coverage area.

With maps, reviews, driving directions, local restaurant news and more - Minnesota Restaurant Search is your complete online guide to dining in central Minnesota.

Tumbleweed Tavern, St Anna, MN Restaurants & Bars James says:

This restaurant research site is cool. But hard to find Tumbleweed to review. It isn't listed in the Avon places and there is no drop down to pick st. Anna as a city. ADMINISTRATORS need to add this bar to Avon choices. Peeps need to know this...

Tumbleweed Tavern, St Anna, MN Restaurants & Bars Brenda says:

Really love the food and the owners at TUMBLEWEED! So genuine and the food is amazing and fresh! (OMG...the salad bar and soup!) I am really impressed with how hard they work to overcome all the bumps in the road (I couldn't do it so we are glad...

Tumbleweed Tavern, St Anna, MN Restaurants & Bars jeff says:

had lunch here yesterday it was completely awesome, the steak bites were amazing, everything we had was great, the garlic tots are insane. Going back for lunch today